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November 2016 Favourites


 I’m Just Average Teen Me. We’re already a week into December, and slowly getting closer and closer to Christmas but for the next few minutes let’s look back to November. It was pretty insane, not going to lie, but there was some good stuff 😀

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Most Harry Potter fans will have seen this by now, but I’ll avoid spoilers; don’t worry! Although I would say I prefer the Harry Potter films, fbawtft (abbreviation, if you’re wondering) was super amazing, and Eddie Redmayne was a fantastic actor for Newt! Definitely recommend!

Lindt Hot Chocolate

As an avid fan of both Lindt and hot chocolate, I more than likely squealed when I found out Costa were selling Lindt hot chocolates as a part of their Christmas range of drinks. I went with Ashley after school one day (coincidentally, we were right behind Flynn for a good ten minutes which I am not complaining about at all) and although it’s just shy of £3 for a pretty small sized hot chocolate, it was beyond worth it! One way I found to describe it was: like chocolate cake mix before it’s been baked. Heart eyes all over ❤


If you live in the UK, you might be familiar with B&M Bargains, if not, let me enlighten you. It’s essentially a shop with a lot of cheap things. It’s a lot of the things that you’d get in other shops, but for considerably cheaper in price, not to mention the insane variety of stuff there. You might remember that it’s where I did my school shopping this year! It’s also where I do the majority of any birthday and Christmas shopping. Check it out if you have any nearby!

Shawn Mendes

Ashley, being the insane Shawn Mendes fan that she is, has got us two tickets to see him on his Illuminate tour next April. Sure, I’d heard the more famous songs like ‘Stitches’ and I had ‘Treat You Better’ saved to my Spotify along with a few others like ‘Life of the Party’ but I hadn’t properly listened to the majority of his music. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it, and have ended up knowing all of the words to them all within about a month and a half! Lights On is definitely my fave 😀

OUAT Season 6A

I’m pretty damn sad to say, but OUAT has just broken up for the mid-season break (cries river of lost souls). That doesn’t at all take away from how amazing the first half of the season was! So many new situations literally had me begging for more after every new episode, and now I have to wait until (probably) March for the next half of the season.. 😦

Teen Wolf Season 6

As you might remember from previous posts, I’m a fan of the MTV series: Teen Wolf. The Final Season started earlier this month, and while I’ll no doubt miss it, I can’t wait to see where this season is going! The new villains, the Ghost Riders, are some of the most intriguing characters they’ve had yet, and I’m just hanging onto hope that Daniel Sharman will come back as Isaac at some point! 😀

That’s most of what I’ve been enjoying this month! Let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments!

BYE! 😀

Just Average teen Me

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Monthly Look-Ahead – SEPTEMBER 2016


I’m Just Average Teen Me. August is about to come to a close, which means it’s nearly September! I really don’t feel like it should be, though. This year is going so insanely fast! Anyway, as you’ll probably know, I do a Monthly Look-Ahead at the end of every month. This month, it’ll be quite school-themed, with back to school and all that jazz. But let’s get into it anyway!

Back to School

For people in the UK, we’re just about to go back to school. Sure, it means there’ll be piles of school books against that wall of my room that’s been pleasantly empty for the last seven weeks, but I’ve missed my friends. I’ve missed having the goals to strive towards. I’ll do a whole post on school tomorrow, but for now, just know I’m pretty excited!

Once Upon A Time Season 6

If you’ve read quite a few of my blog posts, you’ve probably come across “Once Upon A Time” or as I may have referred to it: “OUAT”. After the several month hiatus, season 6 will return on September 25th, although I’ll be watching it on the 26th; UK friends where you at? If you haven’t seen OUAT, I’ll briefly explain it (it’s actually really difficult so I’ll just go to Season 1). All of the fairytale characters (Cinderella, Snow White, Prince Charming and the rest) are all living happily in the Enchanted Forest, when The Evil Queen casts a curse and they’re all living in our world, without a clue of their ‘fictional’ identities. It’s probably easier if you just Google it or something! 😀

New Timetable

With the start of every school year, we get a new timetable. I’m trying not to describe too much in just this post, so that I’m not completely repeating myself in tomorrow’s post. There’s something so refreshing about having a new schedule to follow; like a fresh start – a clean slate. Plus, we get to leave behind our teachers from last year and get some new ones! 🙂

Looking after Year 7s

If you didn’t already know, I’m just going into Year 10 now (bombshell dropping here, I know. But other anonymous bloggers do it, don’t they? Please don’t hunt me down.). As one of the older years, we help with the Year 7s (newcomers, for those of you that aren’t in a UK high school). It normally includes going to some of their classes, and helping them… I’m really not that sure. Anyways, I remember seeing the older years as so much bigger when I was in Year 7. And to think that this year’s Y7s will see me like that, is insaaaane. I do plan to take advantage (in a good way, of course) of that, because it isn’t very often that I feel older than the people around me. XD

Seeing My Friends Again

Aside from going into the town centre with my ‘Squad that I don’t actually hang out with at lunches anymore but I’m still in it and we’re still all great friends’ yesterday, I haven’t seen any of my other friends (trust me, there aren’t that many others) in over a month. Thanks to WhatsApp, I’ve been keeping in touch literally every minute with Penny and Britt, so we weren’t utterly separated.

Surprising Said Friends With My Brace-less Teeth

So, about two weeks ago, I parted with my braces. Parts of my teeth hadn’t seen the light of day for three whole years, so as you can imagine, they felt (and looked) very odd. At first, I was convinced I looked like a horse, but I’m pretty much used to it now, thank goodness. Penny, Rachel, Ashley and Regina have already seen them, but Britt hasn’t. She doesn’t even know I’ve had them off. I’m not sure if she’ll notice straight away, but I think she’ll be quite shocked when she does 😀

Trying Out My New Concealer

While I was out yesterday, I bought a new concealer; my Collection Lasting Perfection one ran out. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that concealer, and it works wonders when you need it to. But the one downside was that it seemed to be a little drying on the skin. I’m not sure if anyone else that’s used it has dealt with that, or if it’s just me. Anyway, I was looking for something that might be a little better in that department, when I found the Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer – and in my shade! It claims to correct, illuminate and hydrate for 24 hours. If that doesn’t sound like the whole package, I don’t know what does! I haven’t tried it out yet, but I will be doing as soon as I’m back to school!

That’s most of what I’m looking forward to in September! What are you doing next month?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I had a lot of fun writing this post, for no apparent reason, but hey, thought I’d let you know! 🙂

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I’m Just Average Teen Me. First of all, if I come off as irritated or lazy in this post, it’s because I wrote it days ago, and my WiFi hasn’t worked since. I’m guessing it’s because of that, but the post isn’t even in my drafts… Not to mention the stuffy nose and cough I’ve been dealing with lately. 😦

Sorry about that, I’ll try as hard as I can to make this post as similar and entertaining as the first version…

So, a few things in this post will be revision related, with it having been exam season and all.

Handy Notepads

In early May when I was doing most of my revision, these were out constantly. I bought two of them at the start of the school year: one in pink, and another in purple, from Tesco if you’re wondering. If you’re looking for a good quality, supermarket notepad, I definitely recommend these, if they’re even still in stock at this time of year…. If not, I saw some really nice ones in BnM Bargains! Anyways, I’ve been using those a loooot this month! 😀

Gel Pens

On the topic of revision, I’m the kind of person who likes to visualise things when I’m trying to remember them during a test. I’ve found that the best way to do that is through colour coding everything. I code the different types of plate margins, types of R.E. questions, you name it! So, as you can imagine, I was slightly worried when my fine liners (If you don’t have any, I really recommend getting some of these too!)  ran out… until I found my several year old pencil case filled with every coloured gel pen you can imagine. Aside from the smudging, these worked just as well! And everyone knows, if you have gel pens you’re winning at life! 😉


Recently, I’ve been rewatching the BBC Series Sherlock. If you’re a Sherlock fan, you’ll know that it’s been years since season three, and probably understand how it feels to have to wait all that time. During the hiatus, I’ve re-watched the whole thing several times, which really doesn’t take long since there are only three episodes in every season. Anyways, even hearing the soundtrack made me realise how much I’d missed Sherlock for the last 3 or 4 months where I hadn’t watched it. I’d missed Moriarty, too.

*Prays that there’s a Sherlock fan out there who understood that pun* But really, Moriarty is one of the reasons I watch Sherlock in the first place. 😀

7/27 Fifth Harmony

I’m not sure if I mentioned it in my last favourites post, but I’ve been loving 5H’s music lately, as of about April. If you’re a fan of them too, you’ll know that their album, 7/27 was released late in May. I downloaded it the day it came out and fell in love with every track. Apart from the early releases: Work from Home (one of my favourites ever), Write on Me and The Life, my favourite newer songs are I Lied and Scared of Happy. I absolutely love the vibe of all the new songs, and can’t wait to listen to them all Summer!

Once Upon a Time Season 5

Back to TV shows again! Some of you may already know – who am I kidding, all of you probably know by now – about my slight obsession with OUAT. If any of you guys are up to date with it, you’ll know that the season finale aired in May. IT WAS AMAZING AND THE PLOT TWISTS AND NEW CHARACTERS AND RUMBELLE! Basically, it’s a slight overload on my emotions, but not as much as the several month wait we have until season 6.

Also can we just talk about Lea Michele and Dean Geyer’s harmonies? Totally of topic, but I just ended up on their cover of Give Your Heart a Break…

Stack – Ketchapp

Although I deleted this app to make room for others, that was in this month. In May, I loved it. If you’re a fan of quick arcade games to play while you’re on the bus, I really suggest checking out a few ketchapp apps if you haven’t already! I played this one for days and days when I was on the bus!

That’s everything I can remember from the first time I wrote this! I hope you enjoyed reading! Make sure to let me know what you’ve been loving last month!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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My OTPs!


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Before I get into the post, yep, I’m writing from my phone because literally the whole house is upstairs -.- Anonymous blogging is a lot harder than I thought it would be when I started 🙂

Today I wanted to chat about something that we all do, which is shipping people. As quite the professional fangirl, shipping is a HUGE part of my life which is probably a bad thing… 

I thought it would be fun to discuss some of our favourite ships, or OTPs as you may call them. It’s no surprise that the first ones that come to mind for me are all fictional… 😀


A lot of you will be staring at that word without a clue what it means, but for that one person who knows ( I know you’re out there somewhere), Hello, and I think we should be friends. 🙂 OKAY so now is a good time to tell you what this is… Fabrevans is Quinn Fabray and Sam Evans from Glee. There isn’t an actual word to describe how much I love these two together. I would say that they’re my all-time OTP because I ship them more than anyone I’ve ever shipped before.


I could talk forever about every moment in their relationship but I won’t do that. Ill just let you all know that yes I die inside every time he grabs her hand in Baby ❤ And that the chills in The Time of My Life are insane and that maybe I might end up crying of excitement….

Also I did actually once read Fabrevans fanfic… It wasn’t smutty or  anything, just very intense on my emotions and definjtely didn’t leave me in tears over the fact that they’re just so meant to be and didn’t even end up together at the end 😦

Quinn is amazing and deserved someone who made her as happy as Sam did. ❤

Here’s a quote for y’all (no clue whybi just became southern American):

“I promise to make you feel proud when you walk down the hall and say ‘that dude’s my boyfriend'” -Sam

“A gentleman always pays on the first date” -Quinn

I think you get the drift XD


These are my second OTP as of right now. They’re extremely close to Fabrevans but not quite. It’s basically Belle and Rumplestiltskin (he’s the beast) My emotions towards Rumbelle are very deep, and connected..


In the episode where they meet, I’ll sob UNCONTROLLABLY and flail my arms like a fish… 😀

I think part of it is that Robert Carlyle is such an amazing actor and shows the emotions that his (quite complex) character has to go through and just makes me cry. Emilie de Ravin is an brilliant actor too, and adds the sweetness that  Rumbelle needs.

Here’s a quote:

“You find goodness in others, and when it’s not there, you create it. You make me want to go back… back to the best version of me.” -Rumplestiltskin

“I learned a long time ago, that when you find something worth fighting for, you never give up.” -Belle

Those are my OTPs, I don’t really have any real life ones, other than probably Felix and Marzia because they’re adorable and I love them but yeah. 😀

Who are your OTPs?

Thank you SO much for reading! Leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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I’m Just Average Teen Me. I felt like chatting today… Yeah I know, that’s pretty much all I do lately but never mind… I hope you like posts like this…. Please let me know if you don’t, and I can do less of them!

But anyways, I was wondering, how excited do you guys get? Like I have a few stages of excitement…. And I’m gonna use what I’m excited for now, as an example.

So basically, since sometime in April ish I think??? The very last episode of Once Upon A Time Season 4 went on TV. And that meant I needed to wait about 5 months, waiting for season 5 episode 1. 5 MONTHS IS A VERY LONG TIME PEOPLE! ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S A TV SHOW AS AMAZING AS ONCE UPON A TIME! And now, there are 3 days left. This time in 4 days, I will have seen the new Once Upon A Time.

This is probably as excited as I get! Well, not quite. My stages of excitement are:

  • Sarcasm. Basically, not excited but pretending
  • No reaction
  • Slight “I’m excited”
  • Butterflies in my stomach and waving hands with high pitched excited noise

So, I am either not very excited, or full out dying. And yes, I did actually fall on the floor when I realised that the new episode of Glee season 5 was the next day… And yes, I got a few strange looks off my family while I was collapsed on the kitchen floor…

At the moment, I would say I am at the butterflies and waving hands part. But I promise you, in a few days, I will definitely be at the FALLING ON THE FLOOR AND DYING AND EXPLODING ND EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE AND I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN I JUST FEEL LIKE SCREAMING AND UGH PLEASE HELP stage… For sure. And anyone in my company will hate me for that day or two… Literally… I will probably be one of the most annoying people to be around… Unless you are that excited too. Maybe we could be annoying together and fangirl and just die basically…

So, how excited do you get? And what do you get excited for? Let me know in the comments! 😀

Thank you SO much for reading! Please leave any comments or suggestions down below and make sure to like and follow if you enjoy my blog!

BYE! 😀

-Just Average Teen Me