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BLOLIDAYS #4 – 44 Shaving Things

It’s been a damn while since I last did one of these posts (if you’re relatively new, I sometimes do posts where I’ll list 44 things to do with a certain topic), and with it being summer, more people will be shaving than in winter, I’m assuming? Unlike me, who literally never leaves the house anyway, and wears jeans 24/7. It’s all good, though, I live in the UK so it’s never that warm anyways. 🙂

HOWEVER, with being a fifteen-year-old girl, who has to do PE in a short skort (hybrid skirt and shorts?) I’ve come up with a LOT of things that either happen or go through my head while shaving. Let’s get into it, shall we?

  1. Wondering which razor is the newest out of your many ongoing razors – does that one even work anymore?
  2. Thinking “screw it”, and taking several razors to see which one works the best once you’re in the shower
  3. Shaving cream? Hah, I’ve literally never owned any in my life. I usually end up using shower gel suds and bubbles
  4. The art of choosing a speed to shave that actually works
  5. Shaving too quickly and not taking off a single hairs
  6. Shaving too slowly and also not taking off a single hair while slowly sending you into insanity
  7. The little strip thing (still zero clue what it actually is) slowly disappearing
  10. Literally, ankles are the most problematic areas to shave, and I always end up managing to nick my skin there
  11. Damn near yoga poses trying to reach all the areas whilst keeping your balance on wet feet and slippery surfaces
  12. The ridiculous, stinging pain of the tiniest cut somewhere but you can’t seem to find it anywhere – it’s literally like finding a needle in a haystack
  13. Or the cuts that never stop bleeding???
  14. I didn’t know I had this much blood????
  15. Oh, you’re still gushing?? I’mma name you Niagara Falls!
  17. Only shaving the parts of your leg people will actually see 😉 😉
  18. What will actually motivate me to shave when I don’t have to wear a P.E. kit anymore??
  19. INGROWN HAIRS, I HAVE A LOT OF NASTY WORDS FOR YOU (I will refrain from using them here)
  20. When it’s been five million years since you last shaved and you look like Chewbacca’s long lost cousin
  21. And then actually getting rid of it is so difficult and takes SO LONG
  22. Putting on soft pj pants with hairless legs ❤
  24. Feeling like a dolphin when you’re finally finished
  25. I am so streamlined I could swim faster than Phelps
  26. Lies – I definitely couldn’t I’d be like a sunken potato
  27. When you shaved reaaallllly well, and your friend also did – Rachel and I have actually stroked each other’s smooth legs before
  28. Advertisements for razors shaving the smoothest freaking legs I’ve ever seen?? uMM???
  29. Having to turn your head and strain your eyes at horribly uncomfortable angles purely so you can see your own armpits
  30. Lord knows I’m not shaving there without seeing it – I’d probably die
  31. What if I’m shaving for nothing? What if we don’t have P.E. tomorrow?
  32. One more leg to go
  35. Swiping hands up and down freshly shaved legs as fast as possible, sending water flying all over the place like you’re in some sort of
  36. – honestly I don’t know what sort of anything  would involve that so I’m not even going to try
  37. The calm before the storm
  38. Aka the few hours before the razor bumps show up
  39. I AM A QUEEN
  40. Feeling like a princess walking around with your super smooth legs
  41. And then realising you missed a stripe on your shin
  42. DAMMIT
  43. Nobody will see it, right?
  44. Last but not least, this meme:



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A Crazy Week

It is I: Awkwardsaurs.

This week has been fantastic, I’ll have you know. It’s zipped by within what feels like just a day, and I’ve really proven to myself that I am in control.

Monday started off a little blue, as all Mondays do, but especially blue since exam week was over. Why was I missing exams, you might ask? Well, since I have no lessons with Flynn, the exams were the only time I ever saw him except passing by in corridors, and it just so happened that I had a good bit of free time in my exams and used that to my advantage. 😉

HOWEVER, that Monday was about to take a turn. So. So. Fast.

As I arrived to my form room (a science lab, if you’re interested), I realised Flynn was stood outside. I assumed he was chatting to some of his friends that were in my form. 

Our form teacher let us in, and Flynn followed us all. I guessed he was being silly and just deciding to walk into the wrong class on purpose. But he didn’t leave. And sir told him to sit down. At this point, I was pretty damn confused, not to mention terrified. So I made sure to listen especially carefully to the register. Sure enough, his name was called out – which meant he was in my form. 

I ended up concentrating too hard on the fact that he was literally sat right behind me and accidentally said a strange mess of “Yes Miss-Sir” when my name was called out… Classic Awkwardsaurus. 

At this point, Ashley was laughing at me (in a friendly way, of course), since she knows fully well about Flynn. I’d convinced myself I was dreaming. Things like that just don’t happen.

First lesson, maths, rolled around, and I was bursting with excitement to tell Britt. I walked in, and saw her sat at her desk, tapped the table and said “you won’t believe this”. Of course, that caught her attention and she was begging to know. “Guess who’s in my form?” was how I finally told her. She lost it. Literally. But for the entire lesson we were barely concentrated on the maths. How could we?

It was about Lunch time, when I realised that it really mustn’t be a dream, since i hadn’t woken up yet, and the news had spread to my closest girl-friends. 

Britt, Penny and I were planning ways I could talk to him that night over WhatsApp, and Tuesday finally rolled around. But he was doing a job for our form teacher, so I couldn’t talk. 

Wednesday was the first shot I had. I was way too nervous and jittery.

Thursday – I almost did, but got too scared. That day (yesterday) was mainly me being annoyed at myself for not doing it.

But then.

Friday – After scrolling through so many quotes on tumblr about stepping out of your comfort zone and listening to Fifth Harmony, I somehow plucked up the courage to say something. After the register was finished, I was practically chanting “do it” in my head, until turning around and asking “What’ve we got first?” I knew exactly what I had first (chemistry), and what he had first for that matter (geography) but it was the easiest way to make conversation I could think of. Although he only replied with “I don’t know” and I left the conversation there before I exploded, I’m so insanely proud of myself.

In case you hadn’t caught on, that was the first time I’ve spoken to him, and if you aren’t sure who Flynn is, let me enlighten you. 

He’s a popular guy in my year, and easily the best looking guy in the school in my opinion. My friends have known about him since early October, so it’s took me quite a while to finally speak to him.

Moral of the story: stepping out of your comfort zone can be SO WORTH IT, even if it doesn’t get you that far. You’ll be proud of yourself, too.

Here’s one of the quotes that I downloaded:


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44 Thoughts in an Exam

Hi guys. I’m Awkwardsaurus 🙂

    As I’ve already mentioned, a few weeks ago, I had exam week, which, if you’re unaware, is a week of pretend GCSE exams, carried out exactly how the real ones would be. Like a fire drill, but for exams. 

    Not fun. 

    But exams mean there’s a lot of mind wandering (whether that’s a good thing or bad) and I thought it’d be fun to share some of them!

    1. Here we go, into the valley of death 
    2. Do I trust having my phone in my bag inside these cages? No. Will I still do it? Yes. 
    4. Don’t sit in the wrong seat, don’t sit in the wrong seat
    5. If anyone is sat in my seat they shall prepare for my wrath
    6. That teacher literally walks like a penguin 
    7. Oh phew, found my seat
    8. Dammit it’s a wobbly desk. DID I ASK FOR THIS GOD?
    9. So… Is it cheating if I write my name on this yet?
    10. Wait what even is my name
    11. Or my candidate number
    12. *Thanks the heavens that Flynn is in my eyeline* (he was for all exams except 2)
    14. Damn right hear my swish that paper you peasants 
    15. What would happen if I climbed on top of the table and did a little dance
    16. Is she staring at my bae
    17. Hell no she’s staring at my bae
    18. OH CRAP NOW SHE SAW ME (legitimate anecdote)
    19. *manages to actually figure out something in maths* holy guacamole I’m a genius bow down to me
    20. Wait it’s wrong nevermind. Still bow though
    21. Why am I struggling on the first question seriously why is English language so hard I NEED ANSWERS
    22. Not gonna use that word purely because I don’t know how to spell it
    24. *Stares at crush*
    25. “Miss, I have no clue how big a micrometer is :(” – a literal note I wrote to my biology teacher 
    26. What the hell is a statin
    28. Must. Write. Faster.
    29. Wait what’s 4 × 7
    30. Right 28, got it
    31. Or is it 32… No it’s 28?
    32. What if we all shook the desks and stomped our feet shouting EARTHQUAKE
    33. *FIRE ALARM*
    34. Are y’all just gonna let me burn to death or??
    35. Okay apparently there isn’t a fire but we aren’t allowed to leave…. Great
    36. *Becomes freaking ninja at twiddling pens from finger to finger*
    37. I wonder what everyone else is thinking in here…
    38. How many crushes are in this room at once…
    39. Hah I’m giving up BYE EXAM
    40. I feel like Britney Spears staring at the clock in Hit Me Baby One More Time
    41. WHEW WE’RE DONE.
    42. Why am I always the last one out?
    43. Okay which cage is my bag in…?
    44. *Pulls out bag, bringing about 5 others down too*

        So, that’s all! Good luck to anyone with exams coming up! 😀


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        A Big Ol’ Favorites

        Hey there friends. Yes you guys are my friends. 

        I was thinking yesterday, and I realised that I haven’t done a favourites post in way too long. Im not sure how long exactly, but I don’t recall writing one for December.
        Since it’s now March, I have a pretty solid opinion on a bunch of Christmas gifts and new splurges so it’s the perfect time to share them! Not to mention, I do love writing these. 😀

        Imperial Leather – Mouthwatering Fruit Chew Shower Cream

        I know, that’s a mouthful of a name, and could be a mouthful of soap if you don’t read the packaging! Rachel bought me this for Christmas, and I’ve used it every shower since. It claims to revitalise skin, and leave you feeling refreshed and smelling great. It smells incredible and definitely makes my skin feel super smooth. 

        Ferrero Rocher

        I’m not sure if you can get your hands on these outside the UK, so I’ll give you a little description. They’re basically a roasted hazelnut, in a ball of gooey chocolate, with a hard chocolate coating and then more hazelnut pieces around the outside. If you’re anything like me and would gladly live off hazelnut chocolate for the rest of your life, you’d probably like them. 🙂


        If you read a recent post of mine, you’ll know that I have been introduced (by buzzfeed) to the blissful world of menstrual cups. I won’t ramble on too much, when you could just head on over here to read, but these are an absolute game changer. Mine’s Size B, which is for under 30 y/o who haven’t had any kiddos. 

        Infinity Rises and Infinity Reborn – S. Harisson

        You might remember that around a year ago, I read the first book in the Infinity trilogy. The entire plot captivated me from start to finish, and I was so excited to read the next two. Now that I finally have, I can safely say that they certainly lived up to my expectations, with the third one definitely exceeding! If you’re at all into sci-fi I really recommend checking them out! Even I’m not usually the biggest sci-fi fan but these are easily my favourite books!

        Mistik Fragrance Diffuser 

        This one’s a slight oddball one, but I thought it’d be nice to throw into the mix. I was in Aldi (British supermarket) with my mum a couple months ago, and stumbled across an ‘Apple and Cinnamon’ scented diffuser. I’d owned one diffuser (rose scented, if you’re interested) and really loved the whole idea, so I decided to buy it. Not to mention my undying love of anything cinnamon. It smells amazing, and has been lasting really well!


        With Christmas being just a few months ago, I got a new phone (thank the lord). That meant I could finally get Snapchat. Having used a pretty disfunctional phone for two years prior to then, Twitter was the only social media I really used. So, Snapchat was pretty confusing at first, but it’s quickly become one of my favourites. If you’re wondering, the black and white sunglasses is my favourite filter. 😉

        Teen Wolf Season 6

        Anyone that knows me well is very aware that I’m a huge fan of the MTV series Teen Wolf. Every season has such an intriguing plot, and this season has been no exception. The ghost riders are really elaborate characters and the storylines are EMOTIONAL (Stydia shippers, I feel you) and I’m really hoping the next half of the season will be just as amazing!

        Lacrosse Hoodie

        While we’re on the topic of Teen Wolf, I thought I’d mention one of my Christmas presents. It’s a lacrosse hoodie from Beacon High (the school on teen wolf) with Lahey 14 on the back. Isaac is easily my favourite character in all of the 6 seasons, and I really hope he comes back at some point soon! But anyway, it’s a size too big, which makes it quite baggy, and pleases my fangirl heart since I can imagine it’s Isaac’s hoodie. Yep, I’m depressing, but you probably would too 🙂


        As a Christmas gift, Britt got me a chocolate bar and a set of lip balms, because I’m always complaining about my dry lips. They’re made by nspa and it’s safe to say that they’ve quickly become a staple of mine! It came in three variations: Raspberry, Coconut, and my favourite, Shea Butter. They’re super moisturising and I haven’t complained about my lips nearly as much since I started using them! Definitely recommend!

        That’s all for now! I guess I’ll see you next time then 🙂


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        BLOLIDAYS #3 | Summer Expectations VS Reality


        I’m Just Average Teen Me. Welcome to week 3 of of Blolidays! Can you believe we’re already at week three? Well, technically I’m not at week three as I write this, because it’s actually the day before I’ll post week two, which should be up as you’re reading this.

        SO, I just sneezed about five million times, so my nose feels like a balloon.

        For this week’s Blolidays post, I thought it would be fun to do some Summer Expectations VS Reality stuff. You guys seemed to like my Revision one of  those, so I’m hoping you’ll like this one too!

        Sleep Schedules

        Expectation: I’ll have a fan in my room so I don’t die, and I’ll get plenty of sleep every night.

        Reality: Sudden heat wave crashes into the UK. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? IS THIS A FREAKING INCUBATOR? And then the brother screams the Star Wars theme song at stupid o’clock in the morning. -.-

        Meeting Friends

        Expectation: We’ll meet up every now and then so we don’t forget that we all exist, right?

        Reality: Mum actually tells me to get out of the house and do something because all I do is sit in my bedroom all day….. :/


        Staying Fit 

        Expectation: P.E lessons aren’t here anymore, so I have to make sure I don’t become a potato!

        Reality: You expect me to exercise in this heat? HAH, NO THANKS!

        Eating Healthy

        Expectation: We bought a death machine! Aka a blender, and I’ll live off smoothies and be really healthy! They’ll be so tasty too!

        Reality: Well this is disgusting. Let’s not try to do that again. I’ll stick with toast.


        Wearing Nice Clothes

        Expectation: Prancing around in holiday/beach-wear 24/7 and looking like an angel

        Reality: Hold up, I don’t actually own any summery clothes… Looks like I’ll be in a hoodie and jeans then!


        Expectation: My legs are going to be so beautiful they’ll kill people

        Reality: I’m a bear, I’m a bear, with brown fuzzy hair


        And that’s everything for this post! I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you next Saturday with another Blolidays post!

        BYE! 😀

        Just Average Teen Me


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        Awkward Things I Do


        I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today I thought it would be funny to go through some of the awkward things that I do, and see if any of you guys are like me, in the awkwardness department.

        If you asked anyone that knows me – and knows me fairly well – they’ll know that awkward is one of my most-used words, and describes me pretty well… I can find any way to make a situation awkward, especially when I’m not trying to.

        The first one that popped to my head, is saying yes to everything. I’m not sure why I do this, I think it’s a first reaction/panic thing. But if someone asks me something, normally a teacher or something, I say yes. Sometimes, that makes things a little awkward. Especially if the question didn’t even require a yes/no response. But a lot of the time, it sort of gets me into things I really don’t know what to do with. Take this for example:

        Music teacher: There’s a music thing going on and we thought it would be good if you performed there. What do you think?

        Me: Yeah, that sounds really good! *walks away*

        My brain: WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?!? YOU DON’T PERFORM! Nevermind, I’ll just never bring it up again.

        Thankfully, that didn’t end in me performing in any way, shape or form. The teachers never brought it up either. *wipes sweat from forehead*

        Another thing I do a lot is just reply in the absolutely most wrong way even possible. A few years ago, my next door neighbour’s little daughter said happy birthday, and my brain malfunctioned and I said “You too” yep. I know. Facepalms everywhere. I wanted to be literally swallowed up into a big gaping hole. And no it wasn’t her birthday too. Just in case you were wondering. 😀

        My friends all know, that I’m very guilty of using the ‘Crying/Laughing’ emoji in every situation. Even in times where it definitely is not appropriate. Like last night when Penny sent me a little picture about a homeless man who was about to kill himself but he didn’t and I said I’d already seen it, followed by that emoji….. Well done me. TOTALLY appropriate.

        Ha, I also have this thing where I hide the most ridiculous things from everyone. Like braking my hair brush…. Not sure why I had to hide that so much, but I’ve just dug myself into such a big hole. And my razor. It’s an electrical one, but there’s a bit of a break in it, which is probably quite dangerous. I have no clue how it happened, but I have buried myself into not telling anyone…. Just trying not to catch myself on anything…

        One that isn’t a very good thing, is that I literally cannot control myself when I’m around someone. So, there is someone that exists, who a few of my friends know about, and when we end up near him, I get way too nervous/excited/I don’t even know. Usually, I’ll laugh way too intensely, sometimes to the point where I’ll just be sat there crying… Yeah…

        Another thing that doesn’t work well with the last one, is that I’m constantly putting myself near him. I’ll sit near his table at lunch, or go downstairs on the bus when he’s there. Or, like a couple weeks ago, I went and bought a cake from his cake stall…. Luckily, I wasn’t with my friends so I could hide my emotions, which were bouncing everywhere at the time; he touched my hand. I mean, how much crazier does life get? I was practically hyperventilating afterwards…. FUN! Zero regrets, though! 😀

        I fidget a lot, too. Nervous habit. Usually it’s with a jumper sleeve, my hair or my nails… Sometimes I’ll drag out my nail file and occupy myself that way…

        The last one, is that I’ll keep some of my interests completely secret. I am actually doing it exactly right now – no not the blogging. For the last few weeks, I’ve been listening to some new music. When I was younger, I always had this thing, where I was completely against boy bands; at the time, my slightly younger sister had an obsession with One Direction. I guess you could say things have changed. By the way, this is the first time I’ve opened up about this anywhere. I’ve been listening to The Vamps. They aren’t really 1D level boyband, but I’ve really been loving their stuff….. And I’ve been hiding that like it’s an accidental pregnancy. 😀

        Do you do any of these? And what awkward things have you done?

        Thank you SO much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog and leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments!

        BYE! 😀

        Just Average Teen Me

        In case you’re wondering, I’m listening to Cheater (The Vamps) at the moment.


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        I’m Just Average Teen Me. In this post, I’ll be talking about something we all do, whether we admit it or not, go full out or just say we don’t – crushing (duh you probably read the title).

        Obviously when we were little, we crushed on people, but what caused us to? I mean, we really didn’t understand it then, and some of us might not even understand it now. I’ll be going through the phases of crushing on people, possibly giving examples (but maybe not because haha)

        So, there are clearly two groups of crushes:

        1. Celebrities/ fictional characters
        2. Real people that you actually know

        I will admit, the second one isn’t very common for me, but I’ll still be talking about it anyway, because since about November, I’ve really had some experience.

        Normally, the first stage to having a crush on someone is finding out who they are. Usually with me, I’ll have literally zero feelings towards them at this time. It could be seeing someone in a class, or when they enter on a TV show, or being introduced by a friend. And you have no idea what’s in store.

        The second stage, with me anyways, is seeing them around. Now obviously this can only happen with real people that you know, but it could also count as seeing them on TV more, or on YouTube, or wherever you saw them first. At this point you might be starting to think a little differently towards them, starting to develop a crush!

        At this point, you might be nervous around them, or if they’re a celebrity then you might not want to watch them on TV around your parents, to avoid blushing or giggling, which then leads to them knowing. Usually, it’s around this time that you accept it. And just realise that yeah, you like this guy. Or this girl for that matter.

        Then everything they do becomes perfect. Or attractive.

        Then there’s the internet stalking part. As much as we don’t admit it, or only to our closest friends, I’m pretty sure this is something we all do. If I’m being completely honest, I’m at this stage with someone. If it’s a celebrity, you might be googling just about everything you can, how tall they are, their age, their crushes and watching every video you can find on YouTube that they’re in. If it’s a real person, you might scrounge the twitter accounts to find them, and then scroll through all of their tweets, praying that you don’t accidentally like one.

        And the creepy stalking… Like if they get a hair cut that isn’t your favourite, and you liked their old one. Or if they change their school bag, which you REALLY don’t approve of in my friend’s case 😀

        With me, normally the next phase is acceptance. You accept that you and your celebrity crush probably won’t live happily ever after forever and ever. *cries* As depressing as it is, sometimes it has to happen.

        BUT! Because I am so very optimistic, I’ll head onto the internet and be a creep googling questions like ‘what is the average age gap between couples?’, and ‘what is the average age that people get married?’, and sigh in relief, because that COULD happen. There is a small chance!

        Sometimes, you’ll completely forget they exist (if they’re a celebrity and don’t have to see them every school day of your sad life) and your life, surprisingly, goes on as normal.

        But then maybe one day, you’ll see a picture of them and completely fall in love again. *cough* Douglas Booth *cough*. There you got an example. But not as intensely as it was before. I’m already back to normal.

        In case you’re wondering what picture it was, here you go:


        As of a couple other guys, I think I’ll keep them to myself, other than Captain Hook, which I’m sure you all know about by now. My newest, began on Saturday, and is still going strong, and optimistic. ❤

        Can you relate to this?

        Thank you SO much for reading, make sure to like and follow if you like my blog and leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments!

        BYE! 😀

        Just Average Teen Me

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        When I’m Home Alone


        I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today (well not actually today; it’s Thursday as I write this, because I’m out with Bob on Saturday) I wanted to blog about something light-hearted, hopefully funny -but it probably won’t be because I can never come across as funny in words – and maybe relatable to you all.

        I was home alone on Tuesday, for around three hours. And I thought I would go through some of the crazy things I did – and the not so crazy and rather boring. Firstly, I actually love being home alone; I think it’s really chilled out, and I feel like I can kind of just explore and do whatever I want. Which is a powerful feeling when you’re used to a house with nearing on ten people and dogs.

        The first thing I did, was let my hair down. That might sound kind of weird because a bunch of people wear their hair down anyway, but mine is quite long (down to just above my hips), and I RARELY wear it down. If I do, it blows in my face and just gets tangled so quickly. But, the rare exception was Tuesday. I let it down and wait for it… I ran around the house. Yep. Insanity right there. It’s just so nice to feel the wind rush through your hair and imagine that you look something like this:


        When in reality you actually look like this:


        So yeah, that’s the first thing I did. After that, I did some EXPERIMENTING!! Break out the goggles and the Bunsen burners. Haha no don’t worry. For someone that doesn’t wear much makeup – at all – it’s quite intriguing to know what makeup is really like, and what I would look like wearing it. So, I went through my sister’s bedroom (sorry), quite intensely and found any makeup I could. Turns out she took most of it to university, but she left some old mascara, some lip glosses and a ‘technic mousse foundation’. From my experiments, I found out:

        1. I have really long bottom lashes
        2. Sometimes lip gloss really tastes gross
        3. You can’t blink hard wearing mascara
        4. And it’s really difficult to wash the mascara off
        5. Finally, mousse foundation looks so weird and literally cake

        At the end of my experiments, I stuffed away all of the makeup, where it was before and headed downstairs.

        Cake time

        If you read my last post, you’ll know that I ate a mug cake, which you can read a review on here. When I’m home alone, eating seems to be something I do quite a lot 😀

        After my cake adventures, I came up to my room, put my hair back up, attempted to break into my sister’s iPod and then resorted to playing Lego Harry Potter on mine And sims.

        So, that’s some of what I did when I was home alone. What do you do when you have the house to yourself??

        Thank you SO much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog and leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments! I really enjoyed writing this post, so I hope you enjoyed reading it! Let me know if you did!

        BYE! 😀

        Just Average Teen Me

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        Primary School Things


        I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today, I wanted to do another post like my ’44 Teenage Girl Things’ and ’44 Childhood Things’ posts. Not sure if I’ll be able to come up with 44, which seems to have become quite the tradition… But we’ll see! And just in case you were wondering, this might kind of merge with the Childhood one, but I want to focus on things that actually happen at school. So here we go!

        1. The worst, most corny jokes in the entire world…. “Where do cows go on their holidays?…. MOO YORKK” -.-
        2. Being weirdly sentimental…. I kept rocks… From the playground….
        3. The absolute genius who changed the name of that game that was banned from the playground so you weren’t breaking the rules – at all.
        4. Dare we get started on love letters 😀
        5. Or the rumours where “someone KISSED someone else! :O “
        6. “It’s not cold” says the P.E. teacher stood in a billion layers to the children in shorts and a polo shirt -.-
        7. Feeling like the most important person in the school when you get to take a note to another teacher
        8. Those blue P.E. mats that did not do anything to cushion your very ungraceful landings…
        9. Clip Art everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
        10. Not being able to sit at the back of the coach because you’re travel sick 😦
        11. AAAnd having to sit next to a teacher with a bucket at the ready repeatedly asking “Are you going to be sick” LIKE DON’T REMIND ME GO AWAY
        12. Covering your test results with your pencil case because you’re a genius like that
        13. That one kid (in my case, Bob) that was already terrified for GCSEs but was also able to chant the periodic table whenever, wherever
        15. Those gooey aliens! Although I was the only one that didn’t like them
        16. And high school musical… I didn’t like that either… Literally the only girl that didn’t crush on Troy 😀
        17. Speaking of crushes, girls crushing on just about every male teacher there is
        18. You haven’t had the full primary school experience without some hyper kid pulling their pants down or something :’)
        19. Stories of a kid that died from swinging on his chair 😀
        20. Starting every story with “Once upon a time….”
        21. The struggle of choosing which WordArt to use 😀
        22. Finding out all of the teachers’ names
        23. That kid who had an iPhone in year 4 :O
        24. Wet paper towels everywhere
        25. Looking at shoes in heads down thumbs up, but everyone’s shoes were basically the same 😀
        26. That brief moment of insanity when a dog somehow gets into the playground and everyone goes nuts
        27. Snazzy new pencil cases making you literally the Queen
        28. Black on the end of a yellow felt tip… A moment of silence please…
        29. Those few times you were in the staff room and oh my goodness life was amazing
        30. That kid with the Nativity costume that didn’t fit in at all 😀
        31. Gggggooooooooooood Moooooooooorrrnniiiiiiinnng Mrrsss lalalalalala
        32. You know Christmas has come early when you have fruit winders in your lunchbox!
        33. ‘Shatterproof’ rulers that definitely weren’t shatterproof…. One of mine snapped into 5 pieces 😀
        34. Snow day!
        35. Writing two whole pages for a story and it doesn’t get a stamp… WHAT IS LIFE?!?
        36. Smuggling toys into your tray 😀
        37. Getting to sit on the benches in year 6 and finally reining over the little peasants
        38. Being just so crazy when you come into school with nail polish on :O
        39. Crayola pens everywhere!!!!!!
        40. Buttercups to the chins!
        41. Carpet places everyone!
        42. When the teacher goes on a rant about how “gluesticks are very expensive” OH DEAR HERE WE GO AGAIN
        43. That tiny party the year 6s have at the end of the year that is legit the prom

        That’s all! I managed to get 44! I guess it really is a tradition! I hope you can relate to them! ❤

        Thank you SO much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you like this blog of mine and leave any thoughts that you may have in the comments!

        BYE! 😀

        Just Average Teen Me

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        How to: Procrastinate


        I’m Just Average Teen Me. Yeah, I ended up deciding to keep the name 😀 I know some of you didn’t want me to change it, so here you go! No changes in this department!

        Onto today’s post. Today I will be sharing a part of my expertise with you. How to Procrastinate. Trust me, I am one of the biggest procrastinators in the whole world. Yet most of the time, I get stuff done eventually, so I’m not terribly lazy… I thought I’d share some of the ways that I procrastinate.

        Just to let you know, if this post isn’t crazy detailed, it’s because I was writing this other post, decided it was no good, and started a new one now, as it’s 9:05pm…. Well done Jatm 🙂

        Read Old Texts

        I do this a lot, especially if I’m feeling reflective, and want to go through how awkward first texts were with Penny to how comfortable we are with eachother now. Our WhatsApp chat is like the world’s Top Secret folder…. We share everything from guy talk to gossip and just about anything you can imagine…. Which mostly consists of our love for fictional characters…. This brings me onto my next point!

        Look at Pictures of Attractive Celebrities

        Another one, that I also do a lot! Just in case you are really wondering who I look at pictures of – it’s Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time. If  you haven’t seen OUAT before then this will sound like the weirdest crush in the world but don’t worry, he doesn’t have wax moustaches and perms; more like guyliner and leather… To give you an example, on Christmas Morning, I woke up at 4 (yeah 4, I couldn’t sleep AT ALL), and was getting rather frustrated and bored with lying in bed doing nothing. I googled pictures of Captain Hook and I was occupied for quite some time.

        HOOK OUAT
        Sorry, I really thought this was necessary… I mean LOOK AT HIM ❤


        Social Media Stalking

        I won’t tell too many people about this, other than Penny, and Brittany (another friend of mine) because I know very well that they do it too. But since I’m anonymous on here, it doesn’t really matter 🙂  Usually I’ll start with someone that crops up in my twitter and they go to my school, and then it’ll lead to someone else, and someone else. Before you know it I’ll have gone through 10 twitter accounts and wasted about 20 minutes of my life… But sometimes that can be beneficial… Like the time I found the OUAT character look alike’s twitter account…. That was a jackpot!

        Not Quite Stalking but Reading Accounts?

        You know those accounts that just post really relatable, or just plainly hilarious tweets or pictures? Well, I’ve spent at least an hour before flicking through them, and cackling away from my bedroom. A couple of weeks ago, I was flicking through a twitter account, while my room was lit from the daylight, and when I looked up from my phone, my bedroom was almost pitch black….

        Trying on Random Things in your Bedroom

        Sometimes, I’ll just get all of my earrings (like last night) and try them all on, twiddle and see which ones look nice, and in the end put he ones I was wearing originally back in… Sometimes it’ll be clothes, although pretty much the only things I own that still fit are superdry jumpers and primark jeans 😀 I basically just live in them…

        Getting Deep into Youtube

        Do you ever end up on a video on YouTube and wonder how on earth you got to that speck of the internet? Yeah, I do that a lot! I’ll start on one video, go to another, and another and another! Sometimes I’ll watch random tutorials that I don’t plan on using in my life, or hair tutorials that I’d love to use in my life but A) don’t have the stuff and/or B) I can’t do it. But let me tell you, the first time I did a fishtail braid was one of the most proud moments of my life

        Google your Emotions

        Again, this is another one that I have done on SO many occasions. If I’m missing Bob, for example, I’ll google “Missing your best friend quotes” and read through them, probably missing him even more by the end… But sometimes I find some really good ones that’ll make my twitter nice!

        Doodling on Whiteboards

        Two of some of my favourite things! If you knew me, chances are you’d probably know that I love using whiteboards (which makes my English teacher quite amazing because we use them most lessons… Thank you!) and I am a pro doodler. When I was younger, it was more faces (that probably looked terrifying), stars and superman logos (did any of you think you were a complete genius when someone showed you how to do that with the lines?). Probably a few failed attempts at drawing animals and cartoons too… But now, I’ll just doodle shapes and lines, or stuff to do with OUAT, or random words. But the whiteboard side of it is really good too, because it means that there’s less paper floating around your room!

        Those are the ways I usually procrastinate, along with some music in the background usually! How do you procrastinate?

        Thank you SO much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you like this blog of mine and leave any thoughts that you may have in the comments!

        BYE! 😀

        Just Average Teen Me