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BLOLIDAYS #5 – Summer Skincare Routinne

Can you believe next week will be the last week of these blolidays posts?

This week, I thought I’d share how I’ve been looking after my skin (trying to) during the summer. I’ll take you through some of the products I use on a daily basis, and some of the others that are more for specific days! Before we get into it, I’ll mention that my skin type confuses me a good bit, but I think it’s a combination of dry and oily. I tend to get quite oily on my forehead (hence the acne up there), and sometimes my nose, but I also get flaky skin around my nose too.


Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash

I bought this in a Clean & Clear kit a few months ago, and it’s very quickly become one of my staples. It claims to give softer skin from day 1, cleans skin and unblocks pores with gentle micro-beads. The beads are actually my favourite thing about this face wash, because they’re so good at removing dead skin, that could otherwise clog your pores. To use this, I usually start by putting my face in a sink of warm water, to open pores, using the wash all over my face, and then rinsing the suds off in the sink (this is really important, because you’ll need to make sure you get the beads off your face).


Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser

This is the second product in my kit, and I’ve been loving it just as much. On the front, it says that it moisturises and helps prevent spots and blemishes. There’s something called salycilic acid in this one, which I may have mentioned on my blog before, but it’s essentially an acid (bet you didn’t guess that) that dissolves the grime and skin debris that would usually cause acne. While I do still break out fairly often, I’ve definitely noticed that my skin has been doing a lot better! And it’s oil free, so in the hot summer months it won’t just be adding oils to the sweat on your face already, as a lot of moisturisers do!

Aloe Vera Gel

As you’ll probably know aloe vera is soothing and moisturising, which makes it super ideal for if your skin is recovering from a pretty bad breakout. I’ve just been using an aftersun gel, and it seems to bring down redness while also healing scarring a little quicker than it would without. 🙂

Salycilic Acid Spot Treatment Gel

As I mentioned above, salycilic acid is so good for treating acne, but sometimes a little bit in a moisturiser doesn’t cut it. So, I have a spot treatment gel, in a little tube. You can use it in more specific areas, like directly onto a spot, and if you keep re-applying it throughout the day, it seems to go down pretty quickly. I CAN’T FIND MINE AT THE MOMENT THOUGH!!!

Very Little/ No Makeup

With school not in session, I’ve had no reason to really wear makeup over the last five weeks, unless I’m going out with friends (it’s literally happened 3 times), so I haven’t been wearing makeup. Especially in the summer, it’s quite important to make sure you’re not clogging your face up with heavy makeup. If you do, though, make sure you wash it off before bed! Which brings me onto my next product…

Clean & Clear Deep Action Facial Wipes

This one says that it cleans deep down to prevent spots. It’s the third and final tool in my Clean & Clear kit, and I usually use it to take of the makeup I’ve been wearing in the day, so I haven’t used it too much recently.

And that’s most of what I’ve been doing for my skin this summer! What about you?


P.S. I’m sorry this post is up a day late; my Wi-Fi was being hella annoying yesterday! 

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Monthy Look-Ahead: April!


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Since today is the last day of March, it’s time for my monthly look-ahead! YAAAAY! Actually it’s the second to last day of March but this post goes up tomorrow. Check out me being organised with the blog! 😉

Although, now that I think about it April will definitely not be too eventful… We’ll see how that turns out! 😀

Buying Some New Jeans

So, recently, I’ve decided that I need some new jeans. At some point in the time off school that I have, I’ll probably head out to the town centre and into Primark for some new ones. But that does mean that some of my money is gone… *cries* I was thinking maybe some black ones? Since I haven’t ever owned black jeans, and I feel like all girls should do… If you’re into jeans. Plus that means I can finally wear my denim jacket! I’ve owned one for probably over a year and haven’t worn it because of the trauma of double denim… 😀

Finishing Easter Eggs

As I’m guessing you all know, it was Easter last Sunday, and I got four eggs. Two of which have been eaten. I love chocolate SO much so having loads is amazing and I love it very much. Although it does mean that in April I’ll have probably finished both those and my birthday chocolates… Unless I go on chocolate hiatus for a month! Which probably won’t happen! It’ll get eaten at some point anyway!

Clay Face Mask

I have a few face masks as of right now, and one of them is made of clay? You can feel how much harder it feels through the packaging, and I’m not sure how that’s going to work on my skin, but I must say, I’m very excited to try it out! Maybe at the weekend!

*1 hour later*

Okay so I just took a little break, had a shower and put on a facemask and I’m back now. And no, it isn’t the clay one; I thought I’d save that for April, so it can be in my monthly look ahead today. If you’re interested, this one is called the Passion Peel-Off and it smells amazing ❤

Penny’s Birthday

So, sometime in April is Penny’s birthday, kind of obvious, and as you may know, I really love other people’s birthdays, probably more so than my own because I don’t have to open presents and face the trauma of ‘Oh no what if I don’t like it’. But it does mean that I have to find a present, which I am useless at….

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate from Starbucks

If you know me, then you’ll know that I live for hazelnut chocolates. And I love Starbucks (not quite as much as Costa) and the hot chocolate from there. So, when I was away for a few days a few months ago, I was in a Starbucks, and noticed that they make Hazelnut Hot Chocolates. By that point, I had already paid for a plain one so I couldn’t change it, but hopefully I’ll get one next time! And I think we’ll be going soon! XD

That’s everything that I can think of from the top of my head. I know, not very eventful, but I guess we’ll see how it turns out? Here’s to April!

What are you looking forward to in April?

Thank you SO much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog and leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I literally cannot move my face right now because the face mask has dried 😉