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It’s Okay to be Lost


I’m Just Average Teen Me. When I was in Year 4 (about 9 for those of you outside of the UK), I made a decision that shaped my life up until now. The thought of that decision being a wrong choice was confusing at first, but now that I think about it, it’s totally reasonable.

Since I was younger, I’ve been organised (heck, I know I’m not that great at organising my blog) and felt much more comfortable when I knew where I wanted to get to – when I had direction. That’s why I felt like I had to decide on where my education was getting me. So, I decided I’d be a doctor when I grew up.

Flash forward six years, and I’m surrounded by the walls that I’ve built around myself. Every time I said I would be a doctor, it became more real, until I just knew that that’s where I wanted to be. It even influenced my choices in GCSEs, losing an option block for a whole extra set of Science lessons (Triple Science, as we cal it.)

I’ve been thinking. Thinking that when you’re nine, the only jobs that exist to your little brain are: teacher, doctor, nurse, shop workers, the jobs that your parents have and maybe even cowboy. But the truth is, there’s more jobs than you can count! Some of our generation will have jobs in companies that don’t even exist at the moment. As technology evolves, so do the jobs that produce that technology!

The numbers are endless!

Why I’ve been thinking so much, you might ask? Well, my biology teacher was talking about how she used to be a microbiologist. She took endangered plants into a lab, reproduced them, helped them to grow, and took them back into the wild so that they weren’t as endangered. Now, I don’t plan on becoming a microbiologist, but the realisation that there are jobs that exist that I don’t know about sent me spiraling into where I’ve ended up now.

I don’t think I want to be a doctor anymore: I’m squeamish (and haven’t enjoyed a single dissection), I don’t like to put myself at risk of falling sick, I’m terrified of sick (vomit, puke – whatever you want to call it) and the hours are so demanding, I don’t think I could keep my life balanced.

Being a doctor is not for me.

The thought scared me a little, at first – especially since I’ve started a first aid volunteering thing – but I’m almost 15. I don’t need to know where I want to be in 10 years time. It’s okay to not know.

It’s okay to be lost.

I know that there’ll be so many other people out there who have no clue what they want to be, or have told themselves a lie, that they want to be something, but in reality they’re just settling for what their younger self told them. Think, if that’s the case. You have years to go. We have years to go. We don’t have to have our lives planned out already. I mean, the only thing I already planned is marrying someone as attractive as Cody Christian because DAMN! ❤

Get out there, and enjoy the life you have!

We’re all lost. The best chance we got is to wander this life with the people who matter.

-Kristen Ashley

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me