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Just A Quick Message


I’m Just Average Teen Me. The blogging 101 challenge today, is to edit your blog title and tagline, but I think I’ll be leaving mine as it is. Anyways, that’s not what I was here to tell you.

I will be going away for about 3 (ish) days. I’m not going to give any details, other than it’s still in the UK. So I should be back on about Thursday. I’m not too sure though. As for blogging101, I will do 3 posts on the Thursday, depending on how late I get back. If it ends up being too late, I’ll just do some on the Friday!

Bye! (for 3 days!) xxx

Just Average Teen Me.

P.S, My goals from yesterdays post have already gotten closer! We are about halfway to how many views I wanted and a third of the way to how many followers I wanted!  Thankyou guys sooooo much! 🙂