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I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today’s post is inspired by Speaking My Mind’s blog about people changing. You should go check out that blog! It’s amazing and so creative! One of my personal favourites! šŸ™‚

Anyways, the main point of that post (I will link it at the end so you can check it out too) is that people don’t change easily, if you have told them to. Someone isn’t just gonna change because you want them to. As I started High School, I went through a really difficult time, mainly because of someone changing.

All through Primary School and a little before then, I had two best friends. I won’t be naming them so I can keep this blog anonymous. One of the best friends was the guy I was talking about in my ‘Soulmates’ post (check it out if you like!). He was loud, outgoing and very brainy. We just clicked. And were best friends after a few months of knowing eachother. That was strange for me, mainly because I was (well still am) quite a quiet person, and to be best friends with a louder person isn’t really what anyone would have expected. My other bestĀ friend was more like me. Shy, reserved and quiet. We got along great since we met inĀ a playgroup. People sawĀ us as inseparable, even one of the teachers onceĀ called us “hip and hip”. I had been to her house countless times, and she’d been to mine too.

But inĀ the Summer Holidays,Ā before high school started, something changed. Dramatically. It was likeĀ aliens had abducted her, brainwashed her, and replaced her personality with someone else. SheĀ wasn’t quiet and shy anymore. She became one of the “cool girls”Ā Ā (as me and my guy best friend called them).

So, she kind of drifted away from me. We were different. We have nothing in common anymore. So, I ended up having to find new friends because my guy best friend had gone to another school. šŸ˜¦Ā We were still in touch. And still are.Ā It was really hard (me being the socially awkward person I am šŸ™‚ ) But now I have some of the best friends I could ever have asked for (except my guy best friend obviously)

That’s my story done. I’ll stop before you all fall asleep… šŸ™‚

Anyway, my point is, that people change. And it’s hard to get them back to who they used to be. So don’t pry. Don’t try and change someone back, if they aren’t going to change. Just like how when you get into a newĀ habit, it’s really hardĀ to get out.Ā Sometimes, you’re just meant to find better people.

A quote I especially love from Speaking My Mind’s post was one from spongebob.

ā€œNo one can change a person but a person can be a reason someone changes

On that note, thanksĀ for reading this far! And thank you to @speakingmymind for my inspiration. You can check out the original blog post here. More positive posts for the future! Leave any of your thoughts on people changing and any suggestionsĀ in the comments below. Make sure to like and follow if you (for some reason) like my blog!

Bye! šŸ™‚ xx

-Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I need a code name for my guy best friend so I don’t have to keep calling him ‘my guy best friend’… Any ideas???