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A Day at a Theme Park


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Recently, my school had a Travel Day to Blackpool Pleasure Beach which is very far up on my invisible list of favourite places. I had an awesome time, as usual, and thought it would be fun to share my experience on here as something a little different! 😀

*Disclaimer: This post is quiiiite long*

So, I was on the coach with Penny, and was listening to Fifth Harmony the whole way there. It was actually raining at first, from where we set off, and we were all really paranoid that the rides would all close and we wouldn’t have any fun. Thankfully, the rain cleared up as we got into Blackpool, and stayed dry for the rest of the day.

Eventually, we made it into the park, successfully avoiding a young science teacher touching my back (he was guiiiding people in the right direction) as we went in. It really doesn’t help we’ve made so many innuendos based around the poor guy. First, we went to meet Rachel and Regina, who were at the carousel. We ended up on the Alice and Wonderland ride, which was a lot of fun, and we all managed to fit on one mouse!

After that one, we went to Nickelodeon Land and rode the Nickelodeon Streak. Rachel, being the freaked out small child that she is (she is actually the youngest of the group, by about a month), left her camera on the ride. And noticed once we were already heading to the next one. Penny and I being the responsible parents of the group had to get the camera, Penny doing the talking, and me being the one to realise that he was not about to throw the camera down the stairs.

At long last, after almost a year of separation, it was finally time to return to my second home. THE BIG DIPPER. For those of you that don’t know, it’s a big wooden rollercoaster. And since Year 6, age 10 ish, I’ve adored it. I just wish I could have had Bob with me on it! Since Penny and Rachel decided to be chickens, it was just me and Regina on the actual ride. But that didn’t take anything away from my excitement.

I literally ran down the stairs and to the back of the queue. It’ll be helpful to know that the line stretches along and then turns back on itself, going the other way, parallel, so you’re next to the people at the front of the queue. So, I turned around casually and BAM. Of course a certain dude from school I’ve been obsessing over since December was stood right next to me, about to get on the ride. Being the creepy fangirl I am, I remembered the seat he sat in, and then sat in it when it was time for us to get on, after watching him dying after the ride.

At around 12:00, Regina and I were wandering around the whole park, in search of Rachel and Penny, who were’t where we’d planned to meet up. After about 25 minutes of missed calls and 4 laps around, we finally found them, and headed to the Frozen Yogurt place for my lunch. Everyone else had brought their own, but I decided to eat there. If you ever find yourself in Pleasure Beach, you HAVE TO go to the YooMoo thing near the Big Dipper! I had a Berry Blast Smoothie and it was actually one of the most tasty things I’ve ever had in my life. Plus, it was all made right in front of us which was fun!

Straight after lunch wouldn’t have been a good idea for any bumpy rides, so we took a break and headed to the Wallace and Gromit ride, which was literally just nearby. There, we bumped into Tyler and two of his friends so we rode the ride with them. Us in one shoe, and them in the other. I’d been on this ride before, and none of the other times had it stopped half way through. An intercom spoke about a ‘Technical Delay’ and that someone was coming to help soon. Meanwhile, we were stuck in a dark tunnel for seven whole minutes. I actually found it quite fun, and it definitely gave us the break after lunch that we needed.

While being stuck in the ride, Penny had said “Is the fit photographer going to save us?” which nobody quite understood, because she was the only one who had seen the guy, and hadn’t spoken about him once. Once we were out, I demanded to see the guy, because I needed to know how ‘fit’ he was. But just before that, I went to get a Froyo from the Frozen Yogurt place because they’re too tasty and I couldn’t stay away.

So, it was me, Penny and Tyler, heading over to find the rest of our friends probably somewhere in Nickelodeon Land. As we approached where Penny saw him last, I had no idea what to expect. But as we got closer, we saw a guy, lay on the floor, taking a photo. From that angle, the only thing I remembered was them biceps. DAMN THEY WERE GOOD BICEPS. After walking by him, Penny and I were both swooning. He was an extremely beautiful human. For those of you interested,  he was quite tanned, had light brown hair (Penny says it was dark blonde), that completely defied gravity, THE BICEPS, he wore rectangular glasses, sharp jawline, quite tall, a tiny bit of stubble on his chin that wasn’t really that visible and yeah, basically he was GORGEOUS.

Obviously, we went to get Regina and Rachel so we could get a picture from him. Unfortunately not with him. So, we all walked up reaaaaaaaally slowly, so he’d ask us if we wanted a photo, and then he did. His voice was awesome too. Then he was taking the pictures, as I’m pretty sure we were all freaking out. But when he lay down, the mood between us all changed and I could literally feel it. Nobody moved, said anything, or looked at anyone, but we all died a little inside. I think I panicked a little, because I don’t actually remember him going from crouching to lay on the floor, but it happened.

After taking the picture, we followed him (he asked us to, don’t worry) into the little room where you buy photos, and Penny bought one. When we left the room, we all fangirled quite a bit. What’s strange was, we all have our own ‘types’, but somehow, he fit into every single one of them. BEAAAAAAAUUUUTIFUL.

Then, I went on the Grand National with Tyler because nobody else would go on it with me. I don’t think Tyler even expected it to be as big as it was. Anyways, rewind a little, and we get in the line, I turned around, and of course the guy from school that I’ve been dying over was in the other line. If you didn’t already know, the Grand National is a race between two carriages, that run alongside each other. The most awkward part was, I had to be subtle with my staring (I mean, it wasn’t THAT bad) because Tyler doesn’t even know about him.

So, on the way up the first hill, I was casually watching him shout at some of his friends across the tracks, who happened to sit right in front of me. Then he looked back, and you guys there was eye contact. EYE CONTACT. I could have screamed a little, but again, I was with Tyler so I saved the screaming for going down the drops.

For the rest of the day, we messed around on the Dodgems and little kid rides in Nickelodeon Land. And then Penny and I realised we’d been talking about the photographer for a whole hour when we got back to school.

Right, this post is ridiculously long, so I should probably end it here! Let me know if you read the whole thing! I’ll be quite impressed if you listened to that much of my ramblings!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me



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