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BLOLIDAYS | Summer Trends


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Welcome back to Blolidays! Can you believe we’re already five weeks in? I definitely can’t! Another crazy thing I saw on ze twitter this morning was that there are only 4 whole months left of 2016. WHERE DID THE FIRST 8 GO?

Anyways, today I plan on sharing some of my favourite Summer trends, from fashion and beauty to home-ware and whatever else comes to mind! Before I start, I just want to address that I am not very used to diving into the genre of fashion and whatnot, so don’t take how I word things too seriously. The likelihood is, I have no clue at all what a lot of the stuff is actually called. Oh and another thing, I literally just wear skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a zip-up hoodie all Summer so I haven’t worn any of this  stuff recently.


Okay so it’s probably because I kind of love the 1920s (with the flapper girls and all) but I kind of LOOOOOOOVE anything with tassels on it. I think it looks really pretty, espeically  on beach throw-overs and swimwear. They just scream beachy!


If you hadn’t already noticed, I was talking about hair. Having the rather straight, long hair that I have, I haven’t stepped into the realm of curly hair very much. I just remember attempting to braid it and hope it looked beautiful and luxurious when I was about six (emphasis on the attempt, if those italics weren’t already enough.). It ended up crazily frizzy and I refused to go to school until I had showered and it had gone. Anyways, many, many, years later, I found that twisting is definitely more effective for pretty wavy hair!


I actually realised this when I lay my towel down on the bathmat. My towel is a pretty coral pink and the bathmat is turquoise. It just was so summery and I kind of fell in love. If I was a fashionista, I’d totally try to rock some sort of combination of those two colours! So, I’m not sure if it’s a trend but I think it should be!


Obviously, as soon as summer hits, a lot of people change their phone background to something with a little more of a summery vibe. I was kind of in denial that it was actually summer, and that we were already half way through the year so I kept the little cartoon clouds that I had at the time. A couple of weeks ago, I changed it to a shot of the sky, with some palm tree (I actually just spelled that as try… Well done to me. Summer holidays is definitely showing) leaves. It’s very pretty and I really like it!


Okay who doesn’t love a good oversized shirt? I love them, especially long sleeves with really loose (pretty much non-existent) shoulders! They’re super comfy, and why the heck would you not love them basically.

That’s the trends that I’m loving this Summer! Let me know what your favourites are and I’ll see you next week with another Blolidays post!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me