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BLOLIDAYS | Back to School To-Do List


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As you’ve probably already noticed, it’s Saturday, which means there’s a new Blolidays post! There’s only two weeks left before I go back to school, so next week will be the last one. 😦

Back to today, though. Since I have done pretty much zero preparation for the next school year, I thought it might be useful to list some of the things that I have to get done. Think of it as a to-do list! 😀

Buy school supplies

This an obvious one, but I still haven’t done it. At one point, we (my mum and my siblings) will probably go out to Tesco or Asda at some point. I could probably do a whole post on just what I need to get in that area, but I plan on doing a haul once I’ve done it all anyway.

Clear off my desk

You may have realised, this was in my Summer Bucket List post, and yes, I did it at the start of the holidays. However, my desk has become trashed again. Not as bad as it was earlier, but just quite cluttered, and if I plan on filling it with school supplies and books, which I do, I’ll have to make some room.

Get some new trousers

At my high school, we have the choice of wearing a skirt or trousers. If you knew me, you’d know that I hate skirts and dresses and I do not feel comfortable in them at all, so I wear the trousers. That does mean that shrinking in the washing is a lot more noticeable, so I have to buy new ones about twice a year. Mine definitely need replacing… 😀

Order a new guitar book

If you didn’t already know, I passed my guitar exam in late June, so I’ll be starting on Grade 6 this year. I can’t start without a book for it, so that’s something that needs doing!

Get some new concealer

We aren’t actually supposed to wear makeup at school, but I hardly know anyone that doesn’t. For the last 6 ish months, I’ve been using the Collection Lasting Perfection, which has worked awesomely, but I was wondering if there are any others you guys love (I found that one got a little cakey and drying at the end of warm days)? Preferably under £8, good for covering redness and comes in pale shades. Have any of you tried the Bourgois Radiance Reveal one?

That’s everything I have left to do (I think)! What’s left for you? And when do you go back to school? I’m back on September 2nd 😀

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me